Welcome to The Ark, the place where humanity comes together.

The Ark is an ongoing Torah learning program focused on hashkafa, Jewish thought and worldview. It is open to all who want to better their lives through in-depth learning in Torah guiding philosophy. The novelty is that this group is open and encouraged for Jews, non-Jews, and everyone in between. Whatever your religious background may be, members of the Ark can help further shape their spiritual identity through study and our virtual community.

During the Biblical flood, Noah and his family escaped the turbulent flood waters by seeking refuge in an ark. Torah teachings are compared to this ark; they provide refuge from the turbulence and struggles of life. Because of the ark, spiritual connection to the Divine, maintained through the wisdom of the Torah, can never be extinguished no matter the intensity of the waters. Torah wisdom increases our understanding of the ways of God and enhances our personal connection to the Almighty.

Most people are short on time these days.  The Rabbi gives the most thorough, clear, and succinct (15-20 min) lessons available anywhere every Monday-Thursday. You can watch LIVE or any time you choose. Lessons are never removed, so you can go at a pace comfortable for you, and catch up at any time.

Monday-Wednesday is the ongoing subject matter in one of the topics below. Thursday is dedicated to the weekly Torah portion.

Once a month there is an open segment (optional) called “The Conversation” which members can ask any questions that they may have on any subject, and the rabbi answers them publicly over Facebook LIVE.

Additionally, members are also given a monthly (optional) LIVE tutorial called “The Jewish Experience.” The rabbi takes you LIVE with him to explore a kosher kitchen, mikvah, sukkah, Shabbat candle lighting, Torah scrolls, and other day-to-day aspects of traditional Torah living.

Topics are typically explored in monthly increments. This is an ongoing learning program, not a course with a start and end date, so this is merely a sampling of the subject matter. Topics include a thorough exploration of:

  • God
  • Love and Fear of God
  • Purpose of Mankind
  • Free Will
  • The Jewish People and the Nations
  • The Commandments
  • Divine Inspiration and Prophecy
  • The Torah and Prophets
  • The Oral Tradition
  • Reward and Punishment
  • Repentance and Atonement
  • Prayer
  • The Immortality of the Soul
  • The Messianic Era
  • Study of Classic Jewish Ethical Works
Becoming a Member
There are 2 tiers of membership. The difference is in the student’s level of access to the Rabbi:

Basic Membership ($18 monthly): Grants access to the daily video lessons as well as special monthly extensive lessons on various relevant topics.

Premium Membership ($54 monthly): Overall this membership is about active engagement with the rabbi. It is a much better value, as the group was created to be interactive. It grants access to lessons and allows the student to comment and ask questions directly that will be answered by the Rabbi. Topic requests are also available.

Ask about VIP Membership, available by request only. This gives the student a 30 min personal coaching call each month. This is very valuable to be able to apply knowledge and guidance directly to your specific life situation.

After you “Subscribe” and secure your membership, daily video lessons are given from our Private Facebook Group which is only open to members.


We want all who desire to be able to learn. We welcome sponsorship opportunities which enables those with financial constraints to join as well. If you are in need of sponsorship or can be a sponsor, please let us know directly using the “Contact” section.

  • Weekday Video Lessons
  • Special Monthly Segments
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Jewish Experience Session
  • Access to Message Rabbi
  • Topic Request
  • Free e-Book
  • General Coaching
  • Basic Membership
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do the video lessons take place?

Everything takes place in our Private Facebook Group. This is where videos are watched, commented upon, and questions asked to the rabbi.

2) What time are the lessons LIVE?  Do I have to listen to the lessons LIVE?

Video lesson are LIVE around 9:00 am Eastern, USA. There is no need to watch LIVE. When you are a member you can watch whenever you like, as many times as you’d like. Everything is at your own pace. You also will always have access to all previous lessons so that you can review or catch up.

3) Is there any contract or minimum commitment when I subscribe?

No. This is about learning. Everyone who participates is here because they want to be, not because they were “locked in.” We’d love for you to spend weeks and years here, but are open to you trying it out for a month or two.

4) Can I start off at one level of membership and then change to a different level at a later time?

Absolutely. We want you to do what works best for you.