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The Ark is an ongoing Torah learning forum geared for non-Jews who seek spiritual growth through the wisdom of Jewish thought. While Judaism does not seek out converts, a gentile who upholds the moral truths of the collective Torah tradition is considered pious, praiseworthy, and can enter the heavenly realms.

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9 reviews for The Ark Subscription Basic

  1. Maria Elizabeth Silva Marinho

    Shalom Rabbi .Eu me inscrever para que aprender com o senhor os artigos. Obrigada

  2. Tzuriel Moshe

    I just joined in but as a jew I am hoping to learn from you.

  3. Mary

    I think that the Arc is a great help for Jews and non Jews, it’s of great help to improve in learning Torah

  4. Teresa Moeller

    Really great chance to learn

  5. Rajiv Rajan

    The trial lesson was awesome. Shalom Rabbi Pinchas Taylor

  6. Travis Baker

    This a great way to grow in understanding of the Almighty.


    This will be a great help to me


    Very nice and awesome programme,really will be of great help

  9. Fred (verified owner)

    Rabbi Pinchas is the only Rabbi who’s taken the challenge of teaching Torah to Jews and non-Jews in a complete, succinct, and consistent manner. He’s the best rabbinical teacher I’ve ever heard, and it’s an honor to study with him during the week.

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