Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, Director of Adult Education at Chabad of Planation, is available for educational and inspirational speaking engagements.

With a wide array of fascinating topics and thought provoking messages, Pinchas Taylor will masterfully intrigue your crowd and deepen their understanding of themselves and their heritage. Rabbi Taylor is engaging, enlightening and humorous, and he is known for galvanizing groups to embrace new practices in their daily lives espanalibido.com.

Rabbi Taylor is the author of the acclaimed work Pillars of Faith, a logical examination of faith. He is a regular contributor to Chabad.org and TorahCafe. Additionally, he is a life coach, certified hospice chaplain, has extensive training in addiction recovery, and teaches a wide range of audiences every week. This makes his message relevant to any crowd.

Rabbi Taylor has lectured around the United States and abroad, and will be a sure success for your community event. Book your spot today!

 Robert Shemin

New York Times Bestselling Author

He has the ability to bring the loftiest concepts into practical terms. He is great for all backgrounds and speaks with heart.

 Alan Veingrad

Former Super Bowl Champion, Inspirational Speaker

His passion, faith, and presentation style are energizing! It’s no surprise he is a popular speaker in the speakers circuit.


This past Shabbos we had the honor to host Rabbi Pinchas Taylor for a shabbaton. He spoke Friday night and Shabbos day before mussaf. B"H his message was clear, relevant, and empowering. Anash and other members of our community, gave tremendous feedback and most of all he was a mechaya to deal with. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of bringing a speaker this year to contact Rabbi Taylor.
…if you are looking for a home grown "one of our own" Rabbi and Shliach who is the adult education director at a Chabad House who is skilled in knowledge of both the Jewish and Secular variety, and is a talented and compelling speaker, than Rabbi Taylor is your man.
I purchased the book and read portions of it and have watched some of his work on Torahcafe. I was highly impressed.
…Our crowd really enjoyed and were highly enthused and inspired by his talks and lectures. Rabbi Taylor is an accomplished scholar, a serious academic, and quite the intellectual. His presentations and delivery are professional and the topics he speaks on are stimulating, diverse, and fascinating…
…clear, relevant, funny, and inspiring. He was easy to work with and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend contacting him for an event or Shabbaton when planning your programs...
“…great speaker! Everyone loved him!


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Buy the book Pillars of Faith.